Elections in Mariupol will be held not later than November, Lutsenko declared

Chairman of the parliamentary faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko» Yuriy Lutsenko said that the local elections in Mariupol will be honest and not later than November.

«Elections will be held in Mariupol, as elsewhere, honestly, under the control of the election commissions and will take place no later than November of the current year», — said Lutsenko in the program «the Night of the election with Savik Shuster», reports the press service of the party.

He also recalled that he appealed to the coalition with a request to meet in the Parliament tomorrow, October 26, to discuss the elections in Mariupol.

«We definitely pass a law which will allow to hold elections in Mariupol and possibly other cities where they took place today,» — said Lutsenko.

Sunday 25 October in Ukraine ended the vote in local elections. The election Commission started counting votes. Elections were held in all regions of the country, in addition to Mariupol, Krasnoarmeysk and Svatovo, as well as areas recognized as temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea, city of Sevastopol, as well as parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said that the Ukrainian Parliament will adopt quickly the necessary decisions on the conduct of local elections in Mariupol and Krasnoarmeysk.

As reported, in Mariupol today, 25 October, in the morning opened the polls, but city election Commission has received the ballot papers from the printing house and therefore handed them over to the precinct electoral commissions.

Mariupol electoral Commission refused to accept the ballots, printed in the printing house of the newspaper «Priazovsky worker». This decision was taken because found torn ballots, and the errors in them. Thus, the next local elections in Mariupol cancelled.

President Petro Poroshenko is going to appeal to the Verkhovna Rada and the CEC for changes in the law that the elections in Mariupol, today it failed to start, did take place in the near future.

Today in Krasnoarmeysk polling stations did not open. The territorial election Commission has decided that local elections in Krasnoarmeysk will not take place due to the inability to use papers that are made at the sole Gorodetskaya. Krasnoarmeysky city election Commission has decided to hand over the ballots to the polls and recognize them as such, with use of which may not be voted on the election of deputies of the Krasnoarmejsky city Council and the mayor.

Ahead of the Donetsk district administrative court decided to cancel the decision of Krasnoarmejsky municipal election Commission about printing of the ballots in the physical entity. The court based its decision on the fact that the physical person-the entrepreneur and the company are two different legal form. However, the CEC 3 hours before the end of voting ordered the TEAK Krasnoarmeysk to start picking up the ballots at the polls, to hold elections.

In addition, the city election Commission Svatovo of the Luhansk region the meeting decided to recognize such elections that never took place. This was announced by the Chairman of the Lugansk regional military-civil administration Georgy Tuka. According to him, this happened due to the fact that several parties have submitted their candidates for the elections.

Elections in Mariupol will be held not later than November, Lutsenko declared 26.10.2015

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