Education Ministry: students will not be «perfect» quarantine

School in Ukraine can move the beginning of the spring and summer holidays due to quarantine, but the total duration of vacation during the school year shall not be less than 30 days. This is stated in the official recommendations of the Ministry of education schools.

«Mon pays attention of heads of educational institutions that educational institution should not exceed the maximum permissible weekly study load of students, specific State health rules, and to take into account that the length of holidays during the school year may not be less than 30 calendar days and the school year in secondary schools ending not later than July 1», — noted in Department.

Officials advise teachers to catch up with the program, compacting the material feed, train, remotely, to give students more tasks for self-study. When atom Schools have the right to change the schedule, but not by increasing the number of lessons per week.

In Mont also stress that the quarantine is not a reason to reduce the salaries of the teachers — provided that they performed other organizational and pedagogical work.

According to the plan 2015-2016 year, spring break to begin March 26 and last for 9 days, until April 3.

Recall that the quarantine in Ukrainian schools lasted from mid-January and reduced the school year by three weeks. In Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and Lutsk training resumed on 8 February.

As of 8 February in Ukraine since the beginning of epidemiological season died from influenza 220 people.

Education Ministry: students will not be «perfect» quarantine 09.02.2016

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