Ear «tornados» cut his ex-commander Onishchenko media

A former fighter of a specialcompany «Tornado» Maxim Glebov didn’t cut off his ear. Did his ex-commander Ruslan Onishchenko.

Related videos of Lukyanovka jail, where the incident occurred, was published by the journalist Alain LUN’kova in Facebook.

Deputy head, Lukyanovka jail Oleksandr Savchenko said the «Public» that the camera is actually installed at this place.

Later, Savchenko has denied that the arrested ex-commander of «Tornado» Ruslan Onishchenko cut off the ear of his former subordinate — Maxim Glebov.

At the same time, Savchenko could not explain the video footage, which recorded probably the attack Onishchenko on his subordinate.

«I’ve seen this video, but can’t explain what happened there, I haven’t seen. According to the attendant, Glebov cut off his ear before there was the attack on the Junior inspector. Then he (co — ed.) tried to jump on the staff and he was kept «tornadovtsa» that’s all» — said Savchenko.

The Ministry of justice was unable to confirm or deny the attack Onishchenko on his subordinate.

«There were reports from the duty officers. Because it was in fast mode. And watched the video yesterday. Therefore, I think the transcript of that video from the servers was getting late. If you find that the video is authentic, it will be investigated and appropriate conclusions will be made», — said the Deputy Minister of justice Denis Chernyshov.

According to Chernyshova, if it is confirmed that the ear Glebov cut it the ex-commander Onishchenko, «it would be logical to continue to keep them in different places.»

«Given the decision of the Obolon district court, we, together with the military Prosecutor, we can figure out how to proceed,» said Chernyshov.

We will remind, on January, 11th in Kiev clashes broke out between prisoners and guards in jail Lukyanovka. Later it became known that one of the «tornadovtsev» Maxim Glebov cut off his ear.

The battalion «Tornado», Onishchenko said that Glebov himself cut off his ear and decided to cause injury to yourself due to «emotions after the trial».

Lawyer Vladimir Yakimov said that Glebov cut off his ear, ostensibly from-for mockeries of major Lukyanovka jail.

Ear «tornados» cut his ex-commander Onishchenko media 15.01.2017

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