«Dynamo» has withdrawn a lawsuit against the Bank and PrivatBank

Football club «Dynamo» 28 Dec 2016 filed a petition to revoke claims to the NBU, the DGF and the temporary administrator PrivatBank Natalia Solovieva.

This writes Finclub.

As reported on 29 December 2016 District administrative court of Kyiv satisfied the petition about the withdrawal of the suit.

We will remind that on 28 December 2016, FC «Dynamo» through court has demanded to cancel the decision of the Commission of the national Bank dated 13 December 2016, which the company recognized related party with nationalized PrivatBank, in connection with what was written off funds of the club.

In addition, the «Dynamo» demanded to recognize illegal and to cancel the order for a temporary administrator PrivatBank Natalia Solovieva from December 20 No. 22 in the part which concerns the rights and interests of «Dynamo Kiev».

Also make the decision about stopping/blocking/termination or other restriction of expendable cash and/or cashless transactions on current, Deposit, correspondent or other accounts in PrivatBank.

The hearing would be held on 19 January 2017.

«Dynamo» continues to work with PrivatBank in normal mode. No problems with the service account was not, except for the first few days after the announcement of the nationalization of PrivatBank. We emphasize that the FC «Dinamo» (Kiev) has a complete and mutual understanding on all issues as the property of PrivatBank and the leadership of the NBU,» — say in the football club.

Earlier media reported that among the main victims of the forced cancellation of deposits in PrivatBank were the brothers Grigory and Igor Surkis, that controlled the Dynamo. The newspaper estimated their losses from the write-off of 200-300 million dollars.

«Dynamo» has withdrawn a lawsuit against the Bank and PrivatBank 11.01.2017

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