«Dynamo» has signed the young talent from Belarus

Midfielder of the youth national team of Belarus Nikita Korzun, who played for Minsk «Dynamo» signed a contract with FC «Dynamo» (Kiev) and 2 February will go with his new team at training camp in Spain. This is the official website of Kiev «Dynamo».

«He has successfully undergone a medical and will go to second training camp «it is white-blue» already in Spain as a complete football player of our club», — stated in the message.

Note that to make Korzun will be No. 18.

Player’s agent Vadim Shabliy November was negotiating with Shakhtar Donetsk, but the coach of the national team of Belarus, ex-player of «Dynamo» Alexander Khatskevich, contributed to Korzun chose Kiev, said Depo.Sport.

Korzun made his debut in the Minsk «Dynamo» in 2012, when the team was headed by the famous Ukrainian coach Oleg Protasov. This season, for the team championship of Belarus Korzun played 19 games, gave 2 assists and also had 10 games in the Europa League.

High speed, ability to play the pass without hesitation enters into the struggle — out 8 yellow cards in the championship.

«Dynamo» has signed the young talent from Belarus 02.02.2016

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