Durov has promised users from Russia and Iran protected access in Telegram

Company Telegram will continue to protect the anonymity of its users and freedom of information exchange, including Russia and Iran, wrote in the blog the head of the messenger, Pavel Durov.

«We don’t care what some countries have put forward against us the charges due to the fact that we protect the privacy of our users. We are always ready to break both personal and business connections with such places, so they had no leverage on us,» he said.

Durov said that neither Russia nor Iran Telegram is not presented as a legal entity. The last ties with Russia, said she was broken in July 2017, when the messenger has stopped cooperation with «the Telegraph» from St. Petersburg, which provides protection Telegram from spam.

He also stressed that the authorities of Iran and Russia, thus limiting the freedom of doing business, more harm to its own economy. In recent years, said the head of the Telegram, their offices on development in these countries shut down Google, Oracle and Microsoft, followed their example, and smaller companies.

Durov expressed the hope that one day Russia and Iran have reached such a state that Telegram and other IT companies «will be able to open there offices.» «Up to this point, we will continue to ensure the protection of correspondence to users of those places where respect for freedom,» he said.

On September 26 it became known that Iran has opened a case against the management Telegram. In office of public Prosecutor of the country said that the messenger used by terrorists «Islamic state». Also, according to law enforcement, other criminal groups have used the messenger for the sale of drugs, trafficking and distribution of child pornography.

Durov said that he was surprised by the decision of the Iranian authorities. «We are actively blocked terrorist and pornographic material in Iran. I think the real reason others,» he wrote.

27 Sep Durov reported that the FSB demanded that Durov to decrypt users ‘ messages, according to the «law of Spring». The leadership of the messenger refused to comply with these requirements.

Durov has promised users from Russia and Iran protected access in Telegram 29.09.2017

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