During the year the incidence of tuberculosis increased by 8%

Over the past year in Ukraine the incidence of tuberculosis increased by 8%. This was during a meeting with representatives of UNDP, said the Deputy Minister of health Oksana Sivak, UKRINFORM reported.

«Compared to 2015 we already have 8% growth. The factors may be different. One of these is the socio-economic crisis which deepened due to the military conflict in the East of the country,» said Sivak.

According to the health Ministry, only in the Eastern regions of the country before the outbreak of hostilities had 15% identified and taken account of TB patients. With the increased migration of the population from hostilities, the situation with the detection and treatment of tuberculosis was on the verge of critical.

According to statistics of the Ministry of health, which led the Deputy Minister, in 2015 the incidence rate was 70.5 per 100 thousand population. However, according to her, it has been estimated that in fact the number of patients per 100 thousand population is 90 people. This increases the number of people living with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis: in 2015, the figure was 13 per 100 thousand population according to the statistics, 20 to 100 thousand population according to the calculations of international and public organizations.

According to Sivak, 75% of those who first fell ill with tuberculosis, — representatives of vulnerable layers of the population, 58.4 percent of them are unemployed persons of working age, 5% — persons without a permanent residence, 1% — persons who returned from places of imprisonment. Among newly registered TB patients and 12.1% were patients who abuse alcohol, and 7% were injecting drug users.

In addition, in recent years in Ukraine, the growing incidence of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (resistant to form medications — ed). Since 2009 the number of identified patients with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis has more than doubled: 3.482 people to 8.440 in 2015. In 2014, Ukraine entered the top five countries with the highest burden of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.

«This is a threat to the neighbouring countries of the European region, and such a tense situation with TB can be an obstacle to European integration. As of today, alas, we remain a reservoir of infection for Europe, so first of all have to fight for the health of our population, but also to understand that our neighbors are also concerned about this issue», — said the Deputy Minister.

Sivak added that from the state budget in 2015 for these purposes it has been allocated 212 million 128 thousand UAH, more than 483 million UAH was provided to the Global Fund, which helps in providing medicines to HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

Purchase for the funds of the state budget for 2015 drugs for treatment of tuberculosis and tests for detection of this pathology was carried out by the UN development Programme in Ukraine. The amount of the contract to antituberculosis drugs was 6.9 million dollars. Currently, 100% of the products are already delivered to Ukraine. The amount of the contract for the purchase of test-systems was more than 500 thousand U.S. dollars, made 92% of supplies under this program. According to the UNDP, the procurement of drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis was saved over 1.7 million dollars.

Recall, Ukraine has the lowest level of routine vaccination in the world.

During the year the incidence of tuberculosis increased by 8% 30.11.2016

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