During the transition period in the Donbass, can not do without «painful» concessions — Marchuk

Ukrainian politician and diplomat Yevgeny Marchuk said that Ukraine will have to make painful concessions in the conflict in the Donbass, but not those offered by businessman Victor Pinchuk</b>.

«Ukraine is inevitably approaching the morbid stage. World experience of conflicts says that in the end all come to a painful compromise and a range of concessions. But not those offered by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation», — quotes its «Liga.net».

«We are not talking about compromise with the rebels, Zakharchenko and Russia. Cannot be subject to compromise issues of the state border, sovereignty, independent foreign and domestic policy, as well as other basic parameters of the state,» he added.

According to the negotiator, concessions will cover the transition period and the principles of formation of local authorities on this period of time.

«In these administrations may include representatives of the local population, which remained in the temporarily occupied territory and were forced to work somewhere, but they did not participate in the fighting against the Mat. The Central authority providing functioning of the national law, assumes a supporting role and attracts international investment to recover, and working time should be decided by local residents,» — said Marchuk.

Also, in his opinion, the concessions can relate to the withdrawal of military equipment from both sides.

«If the state border can never be the subject of compromise, the particular mode of its functioning in the transition period can be a subject for discussion, but only in the interests of the local population,» he added.

According to the diplomat, the reason why still nobody told about these concessions is that the policies that they announce, will put an end to his career.

In addition, Marchuk considers this compromise does not pass through the current Parliament.

«But in another way soon we can not wait. Ultimatively sincere and righteous Patriotic positions in some cases will complicate our task in resolving the situation,» he added.

Recall, Marchuk will represent Ukraine at the Minsk talks in the subgroup safety.

During the transition period in the Donbass, can not do without «painful» concessions — Marchuk 06.02.2017

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