During the new mobilization will call 3-4 times less than Ukrainians, said Poroshenko and run-APC

Thanks to the massive recruitment of contract servicemen in the Armed Forces of Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko has not announced yet a new wave of mobilization.

About this Poroshenko said on March 23, 2016 during a speech in Kharkiv, according to the «Fourth power».

He noted that the salary increase in the contract allows him not to declare a mobilization, and after the announcement she will be reduced to three or four times.

The President added that now the military in Ukraine were prepared, most with experience in the ATO.

Also Poroshenko participated in the ceremony of transfer of military equipment to the Armed forces of Ukraine, serving in the ATO area. The ceremony of transfer of military equipment took place on the territory of SE «KMDB them.Morozova» in Kharkov.

«Over the past year and a half in the BTR-4 was made more than 100 additional upgrades with regard to their use in battle,» — said Poroshenko before the presentation of certificates to 16 BTR-4 (15 linear and a command) to the Deputy commander of the 92nd POM.

The President also presented certificates to 18 mortars M-120, manufactured by the Kiev plant «Mayak» commanders of military units.

After that Poroshenko decided to try a command BTR-4 as a passenger.

«Next time you come, get ready and go driving», — he promised the audience.

However, back the President is already behind the wheel of the BTR-4. «Easier, than «Volga» our Ukrainian. Thank you very much! Fantastic product!» praised Poroshenko technique.

After the ceremony, military equipment departed from Kharkiv to the front.

We will remind, the day before, March 22, Poroshenko reported about 5-10 thousand people who will be mobilized during the VII wave.

On 27 February the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak declared that, due to the increase in the number of contractors, in the case of a decision about the next wave of mobilization plan will be significantly less than before.

«If we (during demobilization is planned for March-April – ed.) is released now 45 thousand personnel, now even if there is a need to mobilize, this figure may be 10-12 thousand, i.e., significantly less than it was before. This is all due to the fact that it was accepted the correct decision to increase the cash benefits», — said Poltorak.

Previously Poroshenko said that the further formation of the Ukrainian troops should take place primarily on a contract basis.

According to the plans, the share of contract servicemen in the Armed Forces of Ukraine gradually to reach 70% of the total population, non-commissioned officers and ratings.

Previously, the defense Ministry reported that from the beginning of 2016 in Ukraine the number of those wishing to enter the military service under the contract amounted to more than 12 thousand people, of which more than 9.3 thousand have already signed contracts.

During the new mobilization will call 3-4 times less than Ukrainians, said Poroshenko and run-APC 24.03.2016

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