During riot in Brazilian jail killed another 26 prisoners

The authorities of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte has confirmed the death of 26 prisoners during another riot that occurred on Saturday, January 14, in prison», Alkass», located in the city of Natal. Another nine people were injured, according to local newspaper O Globo.

The authorities do not exclude that can be found more bodies.

Almost all the victims are beheaded. Identification of corpses will begin on Monday, January 16, Reuters reports.

According to O Globo, the riots in «Alkass» organized criminal grouping «the First command of the capital» (Primeiro Comando da Capital, PCC). It is also known that at the time of the incident, the prison held approximately 1,200 prisoners, although it is only 620 people.

Prison riots and then break out in Brazil since the beginning of this year. The total number of victims, according to Reuters, is about 140 people.

One of the greatest mass uprisings occurred on 1 January in prison», Anisio Jobim» in the city of Manaus (state of Amazonas). Then, during the riots killed 56 people. On 6 January in the neighboring state of Roraima during the riots in jail «Monte Cristo» killed 33 people. 8 Jan in prison, «Vidal Pessoa», located in the centre of Manaus, were killed and four prisoners.

In addition, this Sunday more than 20 people blew up one of the walls of the building and escaped from prison in the state of paraná in the South of the country. According to TASS, two prisoners were shot dead by police.

During riot in Brazilian jail killed another 26 prisoners 16.01.2017

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