DUK says that it «legalized» the people of Ukraine, but if Matios do not agree, let him refer to the police

Ukrainian volunteer corps «Right sector» does not need legalization by law, as a legalized «in the eyes of the people.» On 3 February 2016 said at a press conference in Kiev commander of the DUK «SS» Andrei Lempicki, reports «UKRINFORM».

«We actually legalized and the legalization is not needed. Because it’s legalization first and foremost in the eyes of the people. If we were some kind of illegal, then no one would have helped our units … that is, in the eyes of the people we legal», he said.

Stanecki stated that last year there were negotiations to legalize the Ukrainian Volunteer corps, but the men CHATTER did not agree with the proposal to become a division within the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

«In the eyes of the law, according to which we want to legalize, then, indeed, conducted certain negotiations with the Armed Forces in the last year. But all attempts so-called legalization was the fact that our Volunteer corps must be some kind of division of VSU, to dissolve it and that was it. Accordingly, in such conditions none of the fighters did not agree. Thus, DUK remained in that status, according to the Matios, legalsounds. However, I want to reiterate that we are to the people of Ukraine legalized «, — said the commander of the DUK «SS».

At the same time, Stanitski reported that «Right sector» insisted on keeping the «infrastructure» DUK. «Now virtually all of these things already do not have such relevance as when they were fighting. But at that time we noted the most important thing: it is the preservation of the infrastructure of the Ukrainian Volunteer corps: mobilization, training centers,» he said.

Commander DUK also said on the authority of DUK, which was proposed in the negotiations: «We gave different options, and in the event of hostilities — along with the army, there, in the subordination of the Armed Forces. Nobody said that we’re on our own. Yes , the coordination should be «.

In turn, the wire member of NOD (national liberation movement — ed.) «Right sector» Given kamlyuk stated that while the legal status of DUK is a public Association. «De jure now Ukrainian Volunteer corps «Right sector» is a public Association that does not actually bind to the party» Right sector «. That is, the party » Right sector «- it is absolutely political structure, and DUK PS — this is a social Association, » she said.

In addition, in-DUK announced that some units in the combat zone «cooperating with the Armed Forces». «They are part of a public Association, but in carrying out combat missions is completely independent of the person who make the decision to go to the defense of Ukraine and are entitled to such a decision and join the military connection,» said kamlyuk.

Previously, chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios said that «all the legal structures, grounds and according to the Ukrainian Constitution, DUK «Right sector» is, and if dry legal language, illegal armed formation on the territory of the state».

In response, the lawyers DUK «SS» advised the attorney to contact the police.

«If DUK is «illegal armed formation» according to the chief military Prosecutor, he must make a statement about the Commission of particular persons, a criminal offence under part 2 of article 260 of the criminal code of Ukraine (regarding the establishment of a CHATTER — all know these people, they are not hiding their face), part 3 of article 260 of the criminal code of Ukraine (regarding all those who gave financial support to DUK — volunteer organizations, private individuals and others),» reads the < a href=»http://pravyysektor.info/news/news/1543/nasa-pisna-dobra-nova-pocinaem-ii-znovu.html»>the official website of the organization.

In 2011-2014 Matios has held the position of Deputy head of the Main control Directorate of the presidential Administration of Viktor Yanukovych. This period of his professional career he has not commented.

DUK says that it «legalized» the people of Ukraine, but if Matios do not agree, let him refer to the police 04.02.2016

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