Due to the explosion in the Baghdad market killed at least 12 people

On the vegetable market in a Shiite district of Baghdad on Sunday, 8 January, was blown up by a car bomb. Killing at least 12 people, another 50 people were injured, reports Reuters.

According to the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Iraq, Saad Maan, was quoted by the AFP news Agency, one of the police officers noticed a suicide bomber and opened fire, but could not stop to blow up a car.

Responsibility for the attack while anybody on itself did not take, but it has signs of attacks in recent days, organized in Baghdad and other cities of Iraq, terrorists from grouping «Islamic state». In particular, January 5, a car bomb exploded in Baghdad, another in the same market.

January 5, Iraqi troops launched an offensive whose goal is the liberation of towns in Western Iraq near the border with Syria, which are still under the control of the terrorist group «Islamic state» (ID). The operation involved the seventh division of the Iraqi army, police and militia from the local tribes that oppose the jihadists. Air support to ground troops having anti-Islamist coalition led by the United States. The main aim is the liberation of the towns of Ana, Rawa and al-Qaim in the Euphrates valley.

Due to the explosion in the Baghdad market killed at least 12 people 08.01.2017

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