Drunk driver on the snowblower were trying to escape from a patrol «in the mountains»

In the Lviv region patrol police detained the drunk driver of KAMAZ, which cleared the road from snow. It is reported in Facebook of patrol force of the city.

Night on the 677 kilometer of the highway Kyiv-Chop patrol spotted the KAMAZ, which cleared the pavement of snow. The driver behaved inadequately, creating an emergency situation. The patrol decided to stop the truck, but the legitimate demands of the police, the driver ignored it and tried to escape in the direction of Skole.

The pursuit lasted for 15 miles. By patrol maneuver blocked the car. The driver was in an alcohol intoxication and did not have any documents with him. The driver started to flee towards the mountains leaving the car open.

A patrol caught up with him and taken to the police Department for identification. Subsequently, the man was taken to medical institution to test for intoxication. The result is 0,64 ppm.

The driver drew up protocols for the management of intoxicated and for failure to comply with lawful demands of the police to stop. Also passed the joint resolution for the lack of documents and violation of traffic rules.

Note, due to bad weather are de-energized hundreds of settlements. Utilities work in the strengthened mode.

Ukravtodor on his page in Facebook asks drivers to send photos of the condition of travel on public roads with precise coordinates to the email address of the organization.

«We want to collect operational reports in one place so other drivers could enter and check the status of travel before you hit the road,» — said in the service.

Drunk driver on the snowblower were trying to escape from a patrol «in the mountains» 14.11.2016

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