Drummer «BB» shot a video about Mezhyhirya

Ukrainian group Akapulko, ideologist and participant of which is the drummer of the group «VV» Sergey Sakhno, presented a new video for the song «Strachy control».

The video was shot in Kiev oblast, near the village of Mezhyhirya. «When we first got there, we were struck by the exceptional beauty of the landscape. You might think that it is not in Ukraine», – said Cultprostir Sakhno.

The idea of the clip belongs to the film Director Alla Karnalli. According to Sakhno, black and white video captures the spirit of the song and comes to the Director’s intent. He believes that in color the clip does not produce such a strong impression, as in black and white.

«This video is absolutely not fashionable in the background of clips that aired today on music channels. But, it seems to me that such work is now not enough: simple enough, but those that openly talk about the problems, familiar to everyone», – said Sakhno.

Previously, new clips were released «Okean Elzy», «Vopli Vidopliassova» (BB), «Entitle», TNMK, «5’nizza», Yarmak, «Druga Rika» and the Duo Zapaska.

Drummer «BB» shot a video about Mezhyhirya 17.02.2016

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