Dovgy: Regulation violated. The law is not transgressed

MP from the group «Will of the people» Oles Dovgy is asking his colleagues in Parliament to support the submission of the Prosecutor General about the lifting of his immunity. He said this from the rostrum of the Parliament, reports the correspondent of the edition «GORDON».

He says that he is ready to bear responsibility for the events of 10 years ago, when the city Council made decisions about the allocation of land.

«The thing they are accused Dovgy – a violation of the rules. The second point: a violation of the rules of the city Council is not a violation of the law. Regulations violated. The law is not violated,» – said the Deputy.

Dovgy says he wants to «put an end» in this case.

«I ask you to support it is worthless from a legal point of view. To give me the opportunity to once and for all put an end to these absurd charges faced by me and my family,» he said.

19 Jun 2017 head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky signed idea of removal of inviolability from the Deputy Dovgy in connection with the case of allocation of land in Kiev in the period 2007-2009.

June 21 performance on the removal of immunity Dovgy Lutsenko sent to the Verkhovna Rada.

By Dovgy has asked the regulatory Committee to approve the lifting of his parliamentary immunity. In Committee on 4 July, found that the submission of the Prosecutor General on the withdrawal of the parliamentary immunity of MP «contains significant shortcomings».

Dovgy: Regulation violated. The law is not transgressed 11.07.2017

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