Donetsk militants freed the crew of «Rain»

Correspondents of the TV channel «Rain», which was expelled Donetsk militants occupied the territory of Donetsk region, taken to Russia. This was reported on the channel’s website.

«The security services of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic freed the correspondent of «Rain» Erenkova Sergei and Vasily Polonsky. They delivered on the territory of Russia, they have a relationship with the editors of the TV channel. Earlier journalists were detained by Ministry of state security of the DPR», — said the channel.

On Saturday morning, 26 November, journalists were in Rostov-on-don.

The journalists worked in the occupied territory of Donetsk region since Thursday, November 24. Friday night they stopped communicating. Polonsky managed to inform the editors that they were detained by people who called themselves «officers of the Ministry of state security of the DPR».

The militants said that the journalists had provided false personal data with the aim of obtaining accreditation. In this regard, they have been asked to testify on the fact of illegal journalistic activities and show footage.

When viewing videos of the Donetsk militants have established that they «are biased and provocative» and «in a false light reflect socio-economic and political situation in the Republic».

According to Polonsky, the militants came to their apartment and took them to the main building of the «Ministry».

The interrogation was carried out by three militants. They watched videos of journalists and deleted them. They also blocked the phone Polonsky, broke my phone and blocked the laptop Erenkova.

«Abused psychologically, nothing more», — said Polonsky, noting that physical violence not apply to them.

Militants in conversation with the correspondent described the reason for their expulsion «false information» referred to in the accreditation — the wrong mobile phone number. Polonsky said the correct room and checked it out.

Journalists were denied entry to the occupied territory of Donetsk region.

Donetsk militants freed the crew of «Rain» 26.11.2016

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