Donbass on the verge of a man-made disaster: stopped working in Donetsk filtering station

Donetsk filtering station stopped working due to provocations of terrorists, without water remained 400 thousand persons. according to the press center of the headquarters of the ATO on his page in Facebook.

The statement recalled that the Donetsk filtering station is subject to social values, and is located on the territory controlled by illegal armed groups of the terrorist organization «DNR».

On March 13, the station ceased its operation, which may lead to a technogenic catastrophe, because without water remained 400 thousand inhabitants of Donetsk region.

The staff explained that the discontinuance of the station has been due to the fact that the criminals once again carry out provocations to discredit Armed forces of Ukraine and their further prosecution in violation of the Minsk agreements.

In particular, the NFP has created several mobile teams that installed on trucks mortars caliber 82. These mobile teams have carried out indirect fire as the area around the station and the station itself. In addition, being unsighted enemy sniper fire in order to blame the shelling of the APU.

In the headquarters of the ATO noted that on the territory of this district there are no divisions of Armed forces of Ukraine. «Any actions by the Ukrainian troops with the purpose of mastering the subject does not occur. All statements regarding the incident is untrue and is another fake NFP», — said at the headquarters.

Previously the foreign Ministry of Ukraine published a statement concerning the worsening situation in the Donbass, which, among other things, emphasized that Russia should understand that in case of destruction of the Donetsk filter station, the restoration of which its representatives agreed in the Working sub-group on socio-economic issues of the Trilateral contact group in the region could spark an epidemic of dysentery and hepatitis.

Donbass on the verge of a man-made disaster: stopped working in Donetsk filtering station 14.03.2016

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