Dodon told about the political «mess» in Moldova

Moldova will not be able to join the EU without Transnistria and Gagauzia, which in turn will not agree to such a decision.

This was stated by the new President of Moldova Igor Dodon in an interview to the Russian news Agency «Interfax».

«If we want the Republic of Moldova remained as a state, I be honest: we don’t need to rush to start somewhere. Because membership in the European Union is possible only without without Transnistria and Gagauzia. It’s all understood. The center of the country, on the contrary, was in favour of EU membership. Here we have a political «mess», said Dodon.

He once again recalled that openly advocates Eurasian integration and will not abandon this political agenda.

«In the first stage, I think we will offer at least the signing of a Memorandum of cooperation with the EurAsEC. There is such a practice, we have prepared this Memorandum of cooperation. There is nothing against the Association agreement with the EU is not said, but only about relations with the EurAsEC. And then, after two or three years, we’ll see what happens in the European Union. There, too, they are very difficult,» he said.

Dodon also said that he is not going to curtail cooperation with the European Union, or to cancel the Association agreement with the EU.

«We are Ukrainian Maidan is not necessary. So we’re a very balanced approach to this issue… But without the cooperation with the East, I have already said, we will not survive», he added.

As reported, on November 21 in the Moldovan capital Chisinau, supporters of Maia Sandu came out to protest in the city centre, opposing the results of the presidential election, which Central election Commission of Moldova announced the winner of the leader of the Pro-Russian Socialist party Igor Dodon. The protest was organized by the group «Youth of Moldova». The protesters said they would continue such actions, both in Chisinau and in other towns of Moldova.

At the same time herself before she noted that while advocates of legal method of struggle in determining the outcome of elections.

The Gagauz Autonomous territorial unit (abbreviated name: ATU Gagauzia) was created in the South of Moldova in the mid-1990s. Gagauzia, according to the Constitution, is part of the Republic of Moldova. Autonomy has more than 150 thousand inhabitants, most of whom are ethnic Gagauz. The population of the Gagauz Autonomous territorial education advocates stay within the sovereign Moldovan state.

Recall also that shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union, September 2, 1990, five located on the left Bank of the Dniester regions of Moldova announced the creation of the Transnistrian Union Republic within the USSR, and then — independent Transnistrian Moldovan Republic with the centre in Tiraspol. The reason for this step was the statement of the Moldovan national-democratic forces in Chisinau on Moldova’s withdrawal from the USSR and possibility of its reunification with Romania.

The Moldovan authorities tried to resolve the conflict, troops in the unrecognized Republic. In 1992, Transnistria began the armed conflict that lasted several months. In the result, Transnistria has become a territory not controlled by Chisinau.

In the conflict zone based joint peacekeeping force consisting of Russian, Moldavian and Dnestr contingents and military observers from Ukraine. International recognition of the Tiraspol received.

Now Moldova offers Transnistrians autonomy within a unified state.

Russian troops in Transnistria as peacekeepers since 1992. In the period when the authorities in Moldova were the Communists, the expulsion of Russian troops have repeatedly demanded as representatives of the country’s leadership and the opposition. As one of the main arguments in this case cited enshrined in the Constitution of the neutral status of Moldova, which prohibits it to place on its territory (that is, in the Transnistrian region) troops of other countries.

Russia officially recognized the independence of Transnistria. At the same time in the region, despite the protests of Chisinau, Russian forces remain. Russia also provides the unrecognized Republic economic assistance. Due to this, in particular, are paid allowances to the Transnistrian pensioners. In the 2006 referendum, the vast majority of the region’s residents were in favor of independence and subsequent accession to the Russian Federation.

We will add that Ukraine is ready to provide «green corridor» for the evacuation of Russian troops and weapons located in the village of sausage in unrecognized Transnistria.

Dodon told about the political «mess» in Moldova 21.11.2016

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