Dodon said that Transnistria could become part of Moldova or Ukraine

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon considers that the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic can become a part of Moldova or Ukraine. He stated this in an interview with «Nezavisimaya Gazeta».

Dodon is convinced that Transnistria must remain the Parliament, President, government, flag and Moldova should not take «a penny» from the budget of the unrecognized Republic.

Also, according to the President of Moldova, Transnistria should be allowed to somoopredelenie «in the case of the loss of Moldovan statehood».

Transnistria, as he stated, «two scenarios: either to become part of Ukraine, or Moldova.» The President believes that Transnistria’s better to be part of Moldova, and to gain independence or become the subject of the Russian Federation for Transnistria, according to him, unreal.

In 1990, Transnistria declared full independence from Moldova, but the international community, the sovereignty of the region is not recognized. Autonomy demanded of the inhabitants of Transnistria. In the mid-90s, the region was officially introduced, the contingent of Russian peacekeeping forces.

Moldova has repeatedly demanded the withdrawal of Russian troops from its territory.

The socialist Igor Dodon won the presidential election in Moldova on November 13, 2016. His inauguration took place on 24 December. He has repeatedly criticized the Association with the European Union and advocated a strategic partnership with Russia. During the election campaign, he also said that Crimea belongs to Russia.

Dodon said that Transnistria could become part of Moldova or Ukraine 14.11.2017

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