Doctors Mosiychuk was persuaded to stop hunger strike

The arrested Deputy of the Radical party Igor Mosiychuk agreed to stop the hunger strike.

About it «Ukrainian Pravda» said his colleague on fraction Andrey Lozovoy.

According to Lozovoy, to stop the hunger strike Mosiychuk was convinced the doctors, as because of illness and recent surgery, it could have critical consequences.

Lozovoy also reported that his colleague suffering from chronic gastroduodenitis, common osteochondrosis of the spine and a consolidated fracture of the head of the left humerus.

Mosiychuk went on hunger strike on 18 September, after a court decision on its arrest for two months.

On September 17, the Verkhovna Rada showed a video which displayed the bribery Mosiychuk, and the Parliament gave consent to bringing him to justice and jail.

Doctors Mosiychuk was persuaded to stop hunger strike 25.09.2015

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