Dobkin: I jail don’t scare, I was there

The MP from the Opposition bloc Mikhail Dobkin said that he was already in jail and is not afraid to go there again. He said this on July 11 on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada, the correspondent of the publication «GORDON».

«The state prosecution support prosecutors who are not yet 30 years – 25, 26, 27. They have no experience, no knowledge, nothing that could make them to distinguish from those lyustrirovali, kicked, who he left, because he saw that the prospects for the prosecution no. Everything they do, will still come to the answer, still they will have to answer for this. Those who falsificare, pushing, breaking through the knee scares. Me to jail don’t scare, I was there. There is not good, there is unpleasant, but people live there too,» he said.

Dobkin said that he was ready even to go to jail to prove his innocence, to «knock him down then like this gang-watering can, last in blood in the Parliament today clinging to power like an octopus tentacles clinging to anything suckers».

The MP added that they have «stuck» to the Verkhovna Rada, the presidential Administration, Cabinet of Ministers, «but they make». Dobkin noted that the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych «though managed to escape, but these do not have time».

«These are so thick that even I can’t run», he said.

Dobkin added that it expects the objective of the Committee’s decision.

«There are many lawyers, and they will be able to understand the groundlessness of the legal claims by the Prosecutor General’s office addressed to me. I think that the political claims, of course, members of the Committee to evaluate will not. I said today would be the Prosecutor General (Yury Lutsenko. – «GORDON») as a lawyer, he to me has presented a legal claim, demanding to take away my privacy and to consent to the arrest, and as we have the attorney General is a politician, his political claims,» – said the MP.

He noted that he had prepared the evidence that «they will say that everything that is submitted to the regulatory Committee, no more than a bad joke on the part of the Prosecutor General». Dobkin said that regardless of the decision of the Committee will ask the Parliament to remove his immunity and «faster to give the opportunity in court to prove his innocence.»

«I now have the opportunity to get on a plane and leave, but I’m here, I communicate with you, I’m getting ready tomorrow to the Committee. I wouldn’t have gone even if they twice increased their claims to me. I know that as the mayor of Kharkiv, was acting in the interests of the territorial community», – he said.

Dobkin said that if the GPU will ask for «reasonable bail» and he has enough money to pay, then do it.

«No, it means I have enough of friends and relatives who can chip in and raise the necessary funds. But if it be a pledge of a space and it will be announced only to I did not come out of jail, then you should also then understand that this is how the law enforcement system, and should understand that this applies not only to MPs, it will apply to all people,» – said the MP.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko sent to Parliament a submission on the criminal prosecution Dobkin on June 29. Policy is charged with conspiracy to seize 78 hectares of land in Kharkiv worth over 220 million UAH.

In response, the Dobkin said that the intentions of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to remove his immunity can be regarded as pressure on the opposition.

The people’s Deputy from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko Pavlo Kishkar reported that the regulatory Committee will consider the performance of the GPU Dobkin on July 12.

Dobkin: I jail don’t scare, I was there 11.07.2017

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