«Dnrovtsa» accused 60-year-old historian in creating armed gangs

The famous historian and theologian, a teacher of Donetsk national technical University 60-year-old Igor Kozlovsky militants «DND» was accused of creating armed gangs.

About it on the social network Facebook wrote Russian historian, doctor of historical Sciences Valery Solovey.

«From Donetsk, I was informed that 60-year-old Professor Igor Kozlovsky intend to accuse (accused) in the creation of the armed gang involved in the robbery and murder. As I said, after processing «in the basement» he pleads. Including the preparation of the assassination of the Pope on the instructions of the dinosaurs Nibiru», — said the Nightingale.

Recall that the militants «DNR» detained Kozlowski on January 27, right in town. His house was searched without any legal justifications. From the apartment of the scientist were issued equipment and documents.

In this case the wife. none of the reasons for the detention of her husband, never explained, she just transferred from the third mouth, that the reason alleged in the «wrong correspondence in Facebook».

The Russian press («Today.Ru») reported that «in Donetsk detained a well-known Pro-American sectarian».

«Dnrovtsa» accused 60-year-old historian in creating armed gangs 03.02.2016

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