Director Teacher Poklonskaya accused of supporting terrorists

Director Alexey Uchitel says that State Duma Deputy Rasseivatelja Poklonskaya supports and provides cover for a terrorist organization. Writes about this «Medusa» with reference to the received text of the statement of the Director.

According to Teachers in Russia under the guise of religious formed a terrorist organization, which aims at destabilization of the society.

The Director noted that the protests against his film «Matilda» are the only reason for this organization to Express themselves.

«We see and their ideologists, and organizers, militants. They are not hiding. We see that they do not work against a movie, they work against the Russian state. It is time to stop them!» the statement of the Teacher.

The statement related to the incident in Yekaterinburg, where on 4 September the man rammed the building of the cinema «Space», then set a car on fire and sparked a massive fire. A source close to the investigation, reported that in this way the 39-year-old resident of Irbit Denis Murashov protested against the release of the movie «Matilda».

Theater Director «salute» Sergey Fedyakov said «the Medusa» that all owners of the Ekaterinburg cinemas received threats in connection with the release of the film Master.

Poklonskaya complained about the movie «Matilda» to the Prosecutor General.

In the official expert report, which was provided by the Deputy, authors of «Matilda» accuse the main character, Nicholas II, chose to «objectively beautiful» Empress Alexandra Romanova «causing disgust» ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya.

The Prosecutor’s office had examined the trailer, but no violations found.

In early February, the head of the organization «Christian state Holy Russia» Alexander Kalinin said that the activists will seek the abolition of the film.

June 21, Poklonskaya said that the members who saw the film by Alexei Uchitel «Matilda» at the private shows, excommunicated from Holy communion in Orthodox churches and monasteries for six months.

The authorities of Chechnya and Dagestan, appealed to the Ministry of culture to ban the screening of the film in these regions, but the Department stated that you can’t make such an exception.

On August 10 the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation issued a rental license the film «Matilda», assigning it a category 16+.

On the night of 31 August in St. Petersburg with Molotov cocktails and pelted the building where the Studio Director, Teachers «Rock». By the time of the arrival of police, the fire was extinguished.

Director Teacher Poklonskaya accused of supporting terrorists 04.09.2017

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