DIL beat cancer

Musician Edward Attack, known as Nedilya, announced that he had been cured of cancer.

«We beat cancer! All the tests came back normal! Information received last night,» wrote today, 24 March, a former member of the band in Facebook.

Nedilya noted that now for 5 years regularly every 3 months will be a designated doctor examination, «but it is not scary and is different because it is a Victory».

«As promised, after recovery, transfer the balance in the Fund Crab. He was 700$, which is approximately 18200 USD. Let’s save someone else’s life! Now back to the creative process,» said the musician.

Mi was stronger than cancer! Of almost 3 msec naprozen borotbi! — 17!!! kg Vaga…Ale zaraz all anali in norm! Parmacy of danced…

Published by Edward Pristupi 24 March 2016.

We will remind, in early February, Diehl admitted that he was diagnosed with cancer and needed emergency surgery. Less than a week caring Ukrainian helped him raise money for surgery. He was operated on in Israel.

DIL beat cancer 24.03.2016

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