Died of the Crimean Tatar writer Riza Fazil

In Crimea, reported the death of Crimean Tatar writer Riza Fazil.

This, in particular, wrote on November 26, Facebook the Crimean journalist Nadjie Femi.

«Gone from the life of writer and poet Riza Fazil. Heavy loss for Crimean Tatar culture,» said Femi.

In addition, the death Robe Fazila shall also inform the Crimean media.

Riza Fazil was born 30 may 1929 in the village of Barin Karasubazar rayon. In 1944, together with a part of the deported from the Crimea of the Crimean Tatar people, he was in Makarivsky district of Kostroma region, where he graduated from the 7th class and then Kostroma trade school. In 1959, he graduated from Samarkand Institute of trade.

In 1965-1980 Fazil worked as a translator in the first issued in the Crimean Tatar language in the Tashkent newspaper «Lenin birag and» (Lenin’s flag) the head of the Department in the years 1980-1994 the head of Department of poetry in the publishing house of the magazine «Yildiz» (Star), and Executive Secretary.

His first poems Riza Fazil is printed in the newspaper «Lenin birag and», and in 1970 he published his first collection of poems called «Navras». Later published in such books as the book of Proverbs and sayings in the Crimean Tatar language «K let’s go Birlik – Anda Cyrilic», a collection of essays «Analar Yash ekande», «Sadik lik’», was prepared the textbook on the Crimean Tatar literature «Tuug an edebiyat» (Native literature), two volumes of Ashik Umer «Salama, eserler» (Selected works).

Returning to the Crimea, Riza Fazil, together with the Imam of Abduldayem Sahara translated into the Crimean Tatar language «Buurin of Doug!» and «Quran».

Since 1975, Riza Fazil was Chairman of the Union of Crimean Tatar writers.

Died of the Crimean Tatar writer Riza Fazil 27.11.2016

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