Died last astronaut to walk on the moon

16 January in the United States at the age of 82 years died an American astronaut, retired Eugene Cernan — the last man standing on the lunar surface, according to the Corporation NASA on his Twitter page.

Cernan, born March 14, 1934 in Chicago (Illinois), has been in space three times: as co-pilot «Gemini-9A» in June 1966 as pilot of «Apollo-10» in may 1969, and as commander of «Apollo-17» in December 1972.

14 December 1972, he stepped onto the surface of the moon, since such missions had not conducted mankind.

Cernan is known for the fact that during the mission «Apollo 10» he and other members of the team were able to record the strange whistling sounds coming from the dark side of the moon.

In February of last year were released records of talks between Cernan and his colleague John young. The astronauts discussed, in particular whether they need to tell what you heard the NASA management because they feared that they will not be believed and will no longer be sent into space.

According to experts, the unusual sounds were probably caused by charged particles, which led to interference in radio communications.

Astronaut Michael Collins, who piloted «Apollo 11» during the landing on the moon buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrongalso told me that he heard strange whistling sounds.

Died last astronaut to walk on the moon 17.01.2017

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