Died former commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Vice-Admiral Bezkorovainy

Today, Monday January 23, on 73-m to year of life has died the Deputy Minister of defense – commander of the naval forces of Ukraine in 1993-1996, Vice-Admiral Volodymyr Bezkorovainy.

This is stated on the official page of naval forces of Ukraine in Facebook.

The report notes: «the Vice-Admiral Volodymyr Bezkorovainy headed domestic naval forces in 1993. Under his command were taken warships in the division of the black sea fleet of the former USSR, formed the marine corps and naval aviation of Ukraine, educational institutions and full support», — noted in the Navy.

According to the report, Bezkorovainy «made strategic steps to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine, revival and increase of combat capabilities of the naval forces of Ukraine’s development as a Maritime European powers».

«Vladimir Bezkorovainy became a naval commander of Ukraine, which provided a decent demonstration of Naval Flag of the armed forces of Ukraine on the world’s oceans, treks organized Navy ships in the ports of France, Abu Dhabi, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey. The crowning achievement of his tenure as commander of the naval forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine have become operational-tactical exercises «Sea — 96″ and the transatlantic campaign of the Ukrainian detachment of combat ships unit of the marine corps to the shores of the United States of America», — told the Ukrainian Navy.

We will remind, Vladimir Bezkorovainy was one of the veterans of the admirals of the Navy who stood up front at the time President Viktor Yanukovych, the first Deputy chief of the General staff of the Armed forces Ihor Kabanenko (now Deputy Minister of defense).

Died former commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Vice-Admiral Bezkorovainy 24.01.2017

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