Died Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, Nobel peace prize

Chinese human rights activist, Nobel peace prize 2010 Liu Xiaobo, has died at the age of 61 years. About it reports Reuters with a reference to the city of Shenyang.

In may, Liu was diagnosed with liver cancer in the terminal stage. He was transferred to hospital from prison, where since 2009 he was serving a 11-year period.

Authorities have accused intellectual and author of books in subversive activities after he was «Charter 08», calling on Beijing to speedy democratic reforms.

In 2010, the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded Liu Xiaobo the peace prize, which he never received.

In today’s statement, the head of the Norwegian Nobel Committee Berit Flight-Andersen expressed his indignation at the fact that the dissident has not provided adequate medical care.

«The Chinese government is responsible for its premature demise,» – said in a statement published on the website of the Committee.

Died Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, Nobel peace prize 14.07.2017

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