Died British pilot-record holder who was piloting 487 types of aircraft

The British pilot Eric brown, who holds the world record for flying 487 different types of aircraft, died Sunday in Surrey in the South of England at the age of 97, reports NEWSru.com with reference to the BBC.

It is noted that in his career as a pilot born in 1919 in Scotland brown, who participated in numerous air battles during the Second world war, set several world records. Three of them recorded in the Guinness Book of records.

In particular, captain brown received for its small size, the nickname «Snail», became the first person embarked aboard the aircraft carrier. After December 3, 1945 2407 times he even put his car on the side of aircraft carriers, which also is a world record.

Third documented achievement brown, according to TASS, began flying 487 different types of aircraft.

Eric brown first took to the skies at the age of eight, when his father, who served as a pilot in the Royal air force during the First world war, took him on a flight on the biplane.

Brown, who became during his life a knight of several orders, including the order of the British Empire, left the service in the air force of the Royal Navy in 1970, continuing to work on a post of the General Director of the British Advisory Board of helicopter pilots and in 1982 became President of the Royal aeronautical society.

The Briton was astonishing good fortune — he has survived 11 crashes, and escaped from the sunken destroyer.

Died British pilot-record holder who was piloting 487 types of aircraft 22.02.2016

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