Died Anatoly avdievs’ky – the leader of Ukrainian national choral art

Died Anatoly avdievs’ky, who for 50 years worked in the position of chief conductor and artistic Director of the National honored academic folk choir of Ukraine. Rope.

On Thursday 24 March, the press service of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine.

«March 24, died Hero of Ukraine, Ukrainian choral conductor, composer, teacher, artistic Director and principal choir conductor of the National honoured academic Ukrainian folk choir named after G. Veryovka, Chairman of the National Ukrainian music Union Anatoly avdievs’ky T.», — stated in the message.

The Ministry of culture noted that avdievs’ky was the founder, artistic Director and chief conductor of Polissya song and dance ensemble «Lonok», taught choral conducting in Zhytomyr musical College artistic Director and chief conductor of the Cherkasy Ukrainian folk choir, and artistic Director and chief conductor of the choir. Rope.

«It is thanks to his hard work deserved academic Ukrainian folk chorus named G. Veryovka received international acclaim, was the decoration of Ukrainian art and creative business card of Ukraine», — stressed in the Department.

Anatoly avdievs’ky is the author of numerous works, suites, arrangements of Ukrainian folk songs, as well as Polish, Czech, Spanish, Brazilian, Korean. The choirmaster of the Opera «when the fern blooms» and the oratorio «the Black Elegy» by Yevhen Stankovych. Chief conductor and Director of Choral fields of Ukraine, the consolidated choirs, head of all-Ukrainian seminars for choir Directors, Chairman of the jury of national competitions. Hero of Ukraine, people’s artist of Ukraine, honored worker of arts of Ukraine, President of the National music Committee of International music Council of UNESCO, member of the Committee on State prizes of Ukraine named after T. G. Shevchenko National prize of Ukraine named after. Shevchenko and many other state prizes.

In Kiev on the Avenue of stars (Khreshchatyk street, 15) is set to star avdievs’ky.

«We Express our sincere condolences to the family, colleagues, students of an outstanding cultural figure of Ukraine, outstanding statesman of our time Anatoly T. avdievs’ky. May his memory be eternal…» — stated in the message.

Died Anatoly avdievs’ky – the leader of Ukrainian national choral art 24.03.2016

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