Die Zeit. Political elite of Ukraine decomposes itself

On the Maidan in the capital of Ukraine speaker called for the immediate resignation of the political leadership. Here, on the stairs, everyone can say what comes into my head. For the protesters you can see the poster premiere Yatsenyuk with a red dot on the forehead and says «a Bullet in the forehead». The requirements are tough, as well as protest. But here Yatsenyuk not expect any threat. Except that permanent protest losers, not thousands of Ukrainians in February 2014. Describes recent developments in the center of Kyiv, the correspondent of the German newspaper Der Spiegel by Michael Thumann.

Much more dangerous to the leadership — the threat from him. Last week, the President urged the Prime Minister to resign, but a vote of no confidence Yatsenyuk mysteriously failed. In Parliament again, they say, bought the votes. This had a hand oligarchs. Two years after the historic uprising of the Maidan Ukrainian politics seems to have returned to its usual abnormal physical condition. The anomaly 2014 brought the country to crisis.

On the return of the malady are warned by the foreign Ministers of Germany and France. Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Jean-Marc Ayrault went on a two-day visit to Kiev on Monday. This is the first joint with Steinmeier’s visit to the Paris of the new chief diplomat. Airbus Bundeswehr they arrived in Kiev, and the Embassy (Germany) had prepared everything to a former teacher of the German language Eero felt good.

In Kiev, they visited the white neoclassical palaces in the city and met with the President, Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. The result sobered. Relationship Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk are on the bottom, there is no trust. As these two opponents will be able to implement urgently needed reforms in the agricultural sector, in taxation and pension provision, remains a mystery. But they consider the situation is not as dramatic as the visitors. Some Kiev politicians were just glad to have survived the vote of no confidence.

The problem remains. Yatsenyuk stuck with its program of reforms, now had the status of «lame duck» for six months. Only then can it be put to a vote a new vote of no confidence. Steinmeier did not hide his concern. He demanded that the government put an end to «personal vanity» and improved cooperation of the Prime Minister and the President. «Many of the laws of the government of Yatsenyuk’s lie in the Parliament waiting adoption by Parliament.» Politicians in Kiev should «now is no time to lose». After all, «only the one who is stable inside and feels confident in the future and to better resist external threats».

Understand: this refers to Russia. Putin watching from afar, and what he sees, he’s likely good. The Ukrainian elite is fighting with itself again and blocked the country. In the Minsk process of negotiations on peace in the Donbas Putin may gleefully point to the unfinished homework Ukrainians. This allows him to continue to feed the separatists. And if the Ukrainians will not accept legislative amendments agreed «Minsk-2» in respect of the electoral law and the status of Eastern Ukraine, nothing will change.

If Kiev is not going to move forward, «Germany and France will not be able to do anything more,» warned Jean-Marc Ayrault colleague Pavel Klimkin. Ukrainian foreign Minister again and again stresses the fact of Russian aggression that, in principle, correct, but the Minsk process frozen not melted. If a smaller coalition in the Parliament will soon support the nationalist (as in the article — ed.) Lyashko and his Radical party, the progress might be complicated.

To shaky truce in Eastern Ukraine was not under threat, Steinmeier and Eero want to meet on 3 March in Paris with the foreign Ministers of Ukraine and Russia. To learn how the Minsk process, and to achieve a little compromise on both sides, before first to say: «Minsk-2» died.

Die Zeit. Political elite of Ukraine decomposes itself 25.02.2016

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