Die Welt.Steinmeier managed to prevent a real war between Russia and Ukraine

Two years ago in Minsk agreement was reached about the truce in Eastern Ukraine. Since officially there was supposed to bring peace. But in reality, still this is not out of the question, says Die Welt.

«Apparently, the last time as Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier talks about the solution of the conflict in Ukraine (after 2 months, the foreign Minister will have the election for the position of Federal President. — Approx. ed.). Success in this matter he could not boast of — despite the fact that worked on the resolution of the conflict», — says the author Daniel Friedrich Sturm. The foreign Ministers of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine discussed on Tuesday in the Belarusian capital the implementation of the Minsk agreements in the format «Norman Quartet», the newspaper reports.

After the accession to the presidency social Democrat Steinmeier will no longer be able to engage in operational foreign policy. «He will be missed activities such as in the format «Norman Quartet» — said the correspondent. In recent years, the current head of the German foreign Ministry was trying to bring the parties to the conflict to the negotiating table. For hours and sometimes all night he talked, persuaded, negotiated, offered the possibility, put forward proposals».

Steinmeier knows their colleagues from other countries, as well as those who make decisions in a particular issue, the author continues. «He understands the balance of power, owns the economic information. He sees himself in the role of Sisyphus incessantly pushing the rock (and in his case the rock)».

However, if you look at the situation in Eastern Ukraine, a reasonable question arises — where, pray tell, peace in Ukraine? «Why is it that Russia continues to occupy Crimea in defiance of international law, has repeatedly stressed that Steinmeier himself?»

Anyone who believes Steinmeier peacemaker a loser falsely romanticizes the policy. According to the German foreign Ministry, Russia and Ukraine managed to prevent a real war.

«Today the so-called «Minsk process» has stalled. The ceasefire is violated every day,» says the author.

«Reasons for joy not» — said Tuesday the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany, who rode to Minsk without much hope. «But his duty to do something,» writes the author. The conflict in Ukraine with the situation in Syria and nuclear negotiations with Iran have been for Steinmeier since its inauguration nearly three years ago daily task. The «Normandy format» — is the brainchild of the Minister. It is unknown who will come after Steinmeier, who next year will become Minister of foreign Affairs of France — perhaps the Quartet will meet less often, or does the format will be history. To watch the developments of the presidential Bellevue Palace will become Steinmeier real challenge from March 2017.

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Die Welt.Steinmeier managed to prevent a real war between Russia and Ukraine 30.11.2016

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