Die Welt. Petro Poroshenko: «Sanctions against Russia should be maintained»

On the eve of the summit Ukraine-EU which will take place on Thursday in Brussels, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in an interview with Die Welt calls on the EU to further solidarity with his country. According to the author, Christophe B., SILC, the main topics of the summit will be an Association Agreement, abolition of visa regime for citizens of Ukraine, and also implementation of a plan for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the East of the country.

«Unity and solidarity — that’s what we expect from the European Union. And then, and more important to our efforts to implement reforms and to our fight against Russian aggression», — said the head of state in an interview with the German edition.

In this regard, according to the article, Poroshenko demanded from the EU the extension of economic sanctions. The Kremlin said Poroshenko, tests the strength of the partnership between Ukraine and the EU, «therefore, sanctions are extremely important.» «I believe that during the summit Ukraine-EU we agree that sanctions should remain in place as long as it is restored the territorial integrity of the country — including the return of the Crimea. I am convinced that the economic and sectoral sanctions against Russia will be extended for another term,» — said the President of Ukraine.

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Die Welt. Petro Poroshenko: «Sanctions against Russia should be maintained» 24.11.2016

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