Die Welt. First President of Lithuania: «Russia is the biggest threat to modern civilization»

The first Lithuanian President Vytautas Landsbergis called Putin’s Russia the biggest threat to Western civilization. His article publishes the German newspaper Die Welt.

«Once Russian poet Fyodor Tyutchev wrote: «Mind can not understand Russia, common yardstick to measure: she has become a very special — in Russia one can only believe». These well-known and popular lines explains why so many Russian patriots losing my mind, indulge in illusions about Russia, suffer poverty, famine and tyranny and even fight and die for this pseudocontractive expanded geographically,» says former politician.

10 years ago Russian journalist, former Chairman of the state Duma Mikhail Yuriev published a book «Third Empire: the Russia that should be». Unfortunately, the book went unnoticed in the West, says Landsbergis, and it says that by 2053 the whole of Europe and even Israel will become part of the Russian Empire. The book refers to the war with Georgia, and then Ukraine.

«To understand Russia it is impossible because it is constantly growing, it is not clearly marked territory,» continues the author, Recalling that Stalin at the coffin of Lenin vowed to expand the Soviet Union. Later loss of land was «declared Moscow the greatest catastrophe of the XX century».

«Many have mistaken the attack and the war for Ukraine, which sometimes arrogantly did not believe in separate nation, a dispute between Russia and the West over spheres of influence. But in reality everything is different: Russia simply cannot accept a reduction of «own» territory — wherever it occurred, the area should be reclaimed back. Crimea has become a geopolitical expression of these expectations,» — said Landsbergis.

«From the Imperial times and until today the expansion of territories is associated with the existence of Russia as a state and as a nation, the author stresses. — Termination of expansion would mean stagnation and capitulation, and that Russia will agree only in one case — if will change values».

But the current government, according to Landsbergis, is not going to conduct an audit of its policies and its values: critics of the Kremlin the Kremlin shot on the bridges. «And why Putin’s Russia is today the biggest threat to Western civilization,» concluded the politician.

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Die Welt. First President of Lithuania: «Russia is the biggest threat to modern civilization» 23.02.2016

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