Detained the head of the «United mining and chemical company». It is associated with Martynenko and Zhvania

The NAB arrested the head of JSC «United mining and chemical company» on suspicion of causing the company 300 million UAH of losses. About it a press-the service Bureau writes in Facebook.

«Detectives NABOO under the procedural guidance of the prosecutors of the Specialised anti-corruption prosecutors have detained one more participant of the corruption scheme, according to which JSC «United mining and chemical company» suffered losses for the sum over 300 million UAH. They found the former Deputy Director of GP «OGHK» (later reorganized into OJSC «OGHK»)», — stated in the message.

According to the state, acting head of the JSC «OGHK» is Ruslan zhurylo.

Last year the then head of the economic development and trade aivaras Abromavicius sought his dismissal.

According to «Economic truth», OGHK is close to the leader of the «popular front» Arseniy Yatsenyuk , the former people’s Deputy Nikolay Martynenko, and Mr. was appointed in his patronage. Mr. Sam denied it.

Criminal proceedings in respect of OGHK was revealed to NABOO at the beginning of last 2016 after the scandalous statement of Abramoviches of corruption in higher authorities. As follows from the definition of Solomensky court of Kiev, detectives suspect his leadership in concluding contracts for the supply of titanium at a lower cost. The result of disadvantageous transactions, «fat» of the buyer, according to preliminary estimates, amounted to no less than 100 million hryvnia.

According to the statement of offense that sent Abramovichus in NABOO, in January-September 2015 between the GP and the Austrian company Bollwerk Finanzierungs-und Industriemanagement AG (registered at the same address as the company-participants of the «case Martynenko») was signed nine international contracts for the supply of titanium.

In the course of their work, the Austrian firm has received from the Ukrainian state-owned Titan for a total of almost 700 million hryvnia. The cost of titanium was below the market price of 15-55%, indicated in criminal proceedings.

«This is evidence of the Commission of officials of GP «the United mining and chemical company» abuse of his official position with the purpose of obtaining illegal benefit by a third – party company Bollwerk Finanzierungs-und Industriemanagement AG», — stated in the materials of the case.

During a pretrial investigation it became clear that the Bollwerk Finanzierungs-und Industriemanagement AG in 2015 based on the contracts with GP «United mining and chemical company» through «Diamantbank».

As the «Commander in chief», the largest shareholders of «Diamant» on March 8, 2015 was David Zhvania (23,81%), Igor Ceresi (46,48%), and Andrey Shchukin and Vyacheslav Tsyganenko (both by 12,28%).

State enterprise «United mining and chemical company» has started its operation from August 2014, after the transfer to the management of property complex of Volnogorsk mining and metallurgical plant and iranskogo mining and processing plant. In January-September 2015 OGHK reported net income of 1,167 billion. The company’s net profit in the period was $ 238 million. In the first 9 months of 2015, the company sold approximately 280 thousand tons (113 tonnes of ilmenite, almost 30 thousand tonnes of rutile and more than 17 thousand tons of zircon).

Recall, the Cabinet in September last year, made OGHK in
the list of state companies slated for privatization for 2017.

Detained the head of the «United mining and chemical company». It is associated with Martynenko and Zhvania 26.01.2017

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