Despite the opposition provocateurs and the police, Yashin presented the report on the bow of Putin with Kadyrov

Co-chair of the Russian opposition party PARNAS Ilya Yashin has presented in Moscow the analytical report «a Threat to national security», dedicated to corruption and other criminal Affairs of the current President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to Pro-Kremlin Chechen head Ramzan Kadyrov. Report prepared for the anniversary of the leader of the «Parnas» Boris Nemtsovwho was killed on February 27, 2016, right on red square.

The full text is available here.

From the report Yashin in Ukraine fought Kadyrov’s battalion of Death
Help. Who killed Nemtsov: Putin’s version, Dadaeva, Yashin and daughter of the deceased

The investigation on corruption and embezzlement of tens of billions rubles annually allocated to Chechnya from the Federal budget, way of life of Kadyrov and his entourage. «Our report is a systematic analysis of the way Kadyrov from an ordinary fighter, who fought with Basayev and other terrorists against the Russian army, to one of the key figures of the Russian policy», — said Yashin.

However, he said that he personally «there is no conflict with the Chechen people.» «We are opposed to a corrupt, very dangerous regime that is a threat not only for Russia as a whole, but primarily for the Chechen people. And in our opposition to Kadyrov we stand for including the interests of the Chechen people,» — said Yashin.

According to the information given on the official website of «Parnassos», the report consists of nine parts. In it is a systematic analysis of the political regime established Kadyrov in Chechnya. In particular, the author reveals the mechanisms of corruption in the Republic, describes the specific composition and the personal army of Kadyrov, as well as peculiarities of relations of the Chechen leadership and the Federal center.

Separate subject matter of the report is to Kadyrov surrounded by his family, close associates, business partners and key figures in the political system of Chechnya.

Special attention is paid to the killings of opponents and critics of Kadyrov. The report presents the testimony of witnesses and other materials indicating likely involvement of the head of Chechnya to a number of such killings. In particular, we are talking about the death of Nemtsov. Yashin also provides evidence that Kadyrov is involved in the assassination of Chechen politician ISA Yamadaeva, referring to the interrogation of his former bodyguard may Yusupova, who attempted to Yamadaeva. Yusupov claimed that he was recruited by Kadyrov.

The presentation lasted 42 minutes. Despite the fact that during that time Yashin twice tried to prevent Kadyrov’s provocateurs (the first one throwing fake us dollars, the second damaged TV equipment) and in the end, the main venue of the meeting «mined» the police, who asked those present to leave the room, the politician managed to complete our presentation and answer questions from journalists, reports

Yashin described Kadyrov regime as a «quasielastic», with virtually legalizirovat polygamy. However, he said, the main difference of this regime from the Muslim faith in the fact that in modern Chechnya is indoctrinated with the personality cult of Kadyrov. «Quran explicitly prohibits the glorification of this or that individual is a direct prohibition in the Qur’an. In Chechnya same Friday prayers begin and end with praise Kadyrov. It is coarse, direct violation of the rules of Islam,» — said the oppositionist.

«To summarize, Chechnya is a state within Russia, are not subject to the laws of the country. My main task, «Parnassus» and the Democratic coalition to demand the immediate resignation of Kadyrov and to bring him to criminal cases on a number of serious criminal offences», — quotes «Interfax» speech Yashin.

During the presentation, answering a question of the UNIAN reports, he stressed that by the order of the «Federal authorities» Chechen militants took an active part in the fighting against the Ukrainian army in the Donbas.

«Why I started the report? The first reason I am convinced that Kadyrov is behind the murder of my friend Boris Nemtsov. I get that this person was brought to justice. The second reason I consider the work of Kadyrov in Chechnya a threat to my country. What makes Putin is a suicidal policy,» said Yashin.

In addition, Yashin said that he understands the risks because of his criticism of Kadyrov, which «allows for political assassinations».

Recall that Nemtsov was killed late at night on 27 February 2015 four shots in the back. After the death of the policy it became known that he was working on a report that in the East of Ukraine on the side of the terrorists fighting Russian troops.

Another well-known opponent of Putin, a former leading shareholder of the oil company «YUKOS» and now a fugitive in London the leader of the movement «Open Russia» Mikhail Khodorkovsky believes that a daring murder Nemcova will be one of the reasons the upcoming «peaceful revolution», whose aim should be the overthrow of the Putin regime as «antinational» and «unconstitutional.»

From the report Yashin in Ukraine fought Kadyrov’s battalion of Death

«On the territory of the Chechen armed groups are not dependent on Federal authorities and loyal only to the President of Chechnya. Only in Chechnya, the Kremlin has permitted the establishment of local units controlled by de facto the head of the Republic», — stated in the report.

Yashin writes that in Chechnya a regional army is perhaps the most capable military group in modern Russia. The number of armed «Kadyrov’s men», according to experts, is close to 30 thousand. A considerable part of them are formally employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and employees of Internal troops of the Russian Federation.

«The core of power structures of Chechnya are former separatists, who were pardoned by the decision of the head of the Republic. He also provided them the opportunity to again take up arms, but under his control. Thus, the militants who fought the Russian army and Kadyrov are required not only for its location and salary, but also their freedom and lives», — said in the report.

In a separately published part of the document says about the Chechen units who participated in battles on the territory of Ukraine.

In particular, in 2014 there was documentary evidence of the establishment on the territory of Donbass separate Chechen battalion «Death», which was composed of veterans of law enforcement bodies of Chechnya. The members of this battalion participated in the battle for Ilovaisk and the Donetsk airport.

Help. Who killed Nemtsov: Putin’s version, Dadaeva, Yashin and daughter of the deceased

Putin for the first time officially commented on the incident only on March 4, during his speech at the expanded Board of the interior Ministry, linking the actions of criminals with foreign PR-technologies.

For the murder of Nemtsov, then Putin convinced the leadership of the Russian interior Ministry, there are «extremists» attempting to exploit «the so-called «colored» technology — from illegal street protests to outright advocacy of hatred and hatred in social networks».

«Our objective is clear: to provoke civil strife, to strike the constitutional principles of our country, the sovereignty of the country, in the end,» — said Putin.

Multi-day pause for the assessment of this tragedy on the part of Putin (his name only twice appeared in the media, the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov) due to the lack of Putin in the Kremlin. American Bloomberg news Agency called it a consequence of the shock response of the RF President on the death of Nemtsov. Also began to appear reports that Putin allegedly gave personal orders to «pacify» the disgraced politician and not allow him to make a report on Russian troops in Ukraine, however, allegedly did not want his death, especially such a demonstration.

Meanwhile, the daughter of the late, Jeanne Nemtsov, who soon emigrated from Russia, like others close to the slain Nemtsov people believe in personal involvement of Putin’s assassination of his political opponent.

In turn, the investigation claims that there are clear links between the suspects in the murder Zaur Dadaev and Beslan Shavanova on one side and the Pro-Russian leadership of the Chechen Republic headed by Kadyrov. In addition, on 9 March, that is, in the same day with the recognition Dadaeva to the murder (as he says, for religious reasons), Putin awarded Kadyrov the «medal of Honor».

Savanov made up during detention.

«If Dadaev was actually going to be from a battalion «the North» (an elite unit of Kadyrov, the de facto one of his private armies — ed), it means that he obeys Alimbek Delimkhanov, the nearest person Kadyrov (and his cousin his cousin Adam delimhanov, Deputy of the state Duma – ed.), often cited as his personal assassin, and accused of the assassination of Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev in Qatar, then the tracks definitely lead to Ivan directly to the Cabinet Kadyrov. In this case, remains an open question whether it was a private initiative of Kadyrov or agreed with Putin,» — said on this occasion Yashin.

Despite the opposition provocateurs and the police, Yashin presented the report on the bow of Putin with Kadyrov 23.02.2016

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