Deshchytsia: it is Important that politicians did not use historical issues for political purposes

Strategic partnership with Poland is important for Ukraine. This was stated by Ambassador of Ukraine in Poland Andrey dedica in an interview to «BBC Ukraine».

«We have different approaches, and assessment historical past. But it is platforms such as consulting Committee of the presidents as the meeting of the Commission of historians and the partnership forum in order to discuss such issues. Thus it is necessary to start from the position that it is important for us strategic partnership with Poland, especially in the situation of a real threat of Russian aggression and for Ukraine and Poland» – said the diplomat.

He believes that historians of both countries must present their position and to «understand each other».

«It is important that politicians do not take advantage of the issue historical past to achieve their political purposes… We are bringing its position and hope for understanding. This does not always occur immediately, as they have new facts and events that Polish historians and politicians were not ready to accept. But it is a reality – the Ukrainian government has its own vision of historical policy. This vision of the new post-2014, and this must be considered. It will take some time», – said dedica.

He noted that the differences between Poland and Ukraine on historical issues do not affect Ukrainians who live and work in this country.

«While historical disputes do not affect Ukrainians residing in Poland. Would be a bad trend if the historical contradiction influenced the stay of Ukrainians in Poland,» he said.

7 November released a television interview of the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, in which he called unacceptable that in important positions in Ukraine are the people who have «openly anti-Polish» and nationalist views. The foreign Ministry of Ukraine said that the government of the country is on Pro-European positions, people with anti-Polish views in it.

On 8 November it became known that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko initiated an emergency meeting of the Advisory Committee of the presidents of Ukraine and Poland with the aim of preventing further escalation of tensions between the two countries.

Duda said on November 9 that relations between Warsaw and Kiev is an important factor of history.

The Polish foreign Ministry noted that Ukraine’s decision questioning the strategic partnership between the two countries.

Deshchytsia: it is Important that politicians did not use historical issues for political purposes 11.11.2017

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