Derkach: the main accused of the case to pressure on Metropolitan Volodymyr is not Novinsky, and Viktor Yanukovych

In the case of pressure on the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), Metropolitan Volodymyr , the main defendant is the former President Victor Yanukovych, people’s Deputy of the faction «the Opposition bloc» Vadim Novinsky, which may act in the proceedings as a witness, declares the independent people’s Deputy Andriy Derkach, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

«The basis of the defendant Yanukovych Victor Fedorovich and law enforcement officers. I believe that Vadim Novinsky can testify as a witness, because it does not shy away from the investigation and presents his version of events… he is Not the main person involved in business», — said in a statement Derkach, published on Wednesday.

The MP said that for this reason do not intend to vote for the removal of parliamentary immunity Novinsky.

Derkach recalled that three years ago, after a conversation with Metropolitan Volodymyr and at his request sent to the Prosecutor General the deputies ‘ appeal for violation of constitutional rights and freedoms and the Commission of unlawful acts against the Primate of the UOC (MP) by Yanukovych and law enforcers. This appeal became the basis for opening of criminal proceedings.

«Whatever pressure I’m not was trying to do during this period, I take the statement I will not like to change their testimony. To comment on any details of the investigation that I became known as the witness, I can’t and have no procedural rights,» says Derkach.

According to him, all the facts and details of the case we can speak and hear in an open trial. The MP also urged stakeholders not to interfere with the investigation and «not to escalate fake passion».

Derkach said that «certain political, public figures and representatives of the business community» in recent years, consider a possible open intervention in the internal Affairs of Church organizations, trying to adjust their short-term opportunistic interests,» forgetting that all religious organizations, including the UOC (MP), separated from the state. «Sometimes this intervention comes to display of open lectures and the compulsion to carry out their political image and selfish interests,» — reads the statement of the Deputy.

«I firmly believe that a real investigation has to show all concerned the life of the Church officials, zealous patrons and malicious members and the sponsors of the limits of their actions and to protect the Church and religious organizations from interfering in their internal Affairs all those who are not members of the clergy or Executive bodies of these organizations», — stressed the parliamentarian.

However, he also reminded representatives of religious organizations that attempt any interference in the course of the investigation or proceeding is also invalid and is treated by law as the opposition justice and truth in the case. «Not to be confused with the ancient tradition of petalonia about criminals or innocent prisoners with undisguised desire to withdraw from-under actions of the law those whose guilt is being investigated and subject to judicial verdict,» said Derkach.

As reported, the VR regulations Committee will consider the submission of the Prosecutor General on the withdrawal of immunity and prosecution of the Deputy from «Opposition bloc» Vadim Novinsky on November 16.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko November 3, was sent to the Verkhovna Rada representation in which asks to allow the prosecution of Vadim Novinsky.

Novinsky is as a partner in one of the episodes of «the big business of Yanukovych«, where we are talking about the usurpation of power and influence on the Ukrainian Church.

The Prosecutor General’s office accuses Novinsky on three counts, he faces 5 years in prison.

Derkach: the main accused of the case to pressure on Metropolitan Volodymyr is not Novinsky, and Viktor Yanukovych 16.11.2016

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