Deripaska — journalist, CNN: Dump, please. Video

March 22, Associated Press reported that Manafort was secretly working for Deripaska in the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the Agency, he developed a strategy that included discrediting the anti-Russian opposition in post-Soviet countries.

It was noted that under this plan in June 2005, Manafort expressed a willingness «to influence the policies, business relations and coverage of events» in the United States, Europe and post-Soviet countries, with the result that the benefit was to Putin. According to the Agency, its strategy Manafort introduced Deripaska, who made with him a contract for $10 million a year. The agreement had been in effect since 2006 and continued at least until 2009.

After the article Deripaska’s representatives offered the Agency to refute some of the allegations, but the journalists refused.

In may he filed a lawsuit to the court. Deripaska said that the Agency deliberately omitted «key details» about his involvement in the political life of Ukraine in 2005, during his relationship with Manufactum.

A Federal court in Washington rejected the claim because of the lack of validity of claim requirements of the businessman.

Deripaska — journalist, CNN: Dump, please. Video 12.11.2017

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