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«The Russian flag is becoming increasingly popular among right-wing radicals of Europe,» writes columnist for the German magazine Der Spiegel, Benjamin Bidder: at demonstrations waving it over the heads of supporters of the Italian «Northern League», the German Pegida and — in a somewhat modified form — Saxon neo-Nazis.

The fact that «Russia wove close ties with right-wing European movements.» For example, at the party Congress of the French «National front» marine Le Pen, the honorary guest was the messenger of Moscow, a leading member of United Russia and Vice speaker of the Russian state Duma Andrei Isaev. At the Congress he quite strongly told of the alleged American occupation of Europe. In turn, the leader of the party «Northern League» MATEO Salvini loves to pose in t-shirts with a portrait of Putin.

A list of right-wing friends of Russia, continues Bidder, rather long. As stated in the latest report of the Czech intelligence service BIS, «currently Russia creates a structure that is similar to the concept of the Communist international». Only then Moscow to exert influence on the West and recruit new agents for the intelligence services through international contacts with foreign Communists, and «new Moscow front left, right and straight».

Russian bloggers have dubbed the network the new «Black international». In ideological terms, as stated in the report, «this structure is based on expansionist neobrasayte Aleksandr Dugin«. Last dreams of the world «conservative revolution», and his books on geopolitics are mandatory reading for officers of the Russian General staff.

Apart from Dugin, tells Bidder, in Moscow, there is another key figure — archconservatives oligarch Konstantin Malofeev. 39-year-old Russian oligarch headed by a Moscow investment Fund Marshall Capital, and considers himself an Orthodox monarchist. In various interviews he, for example, suggested that Russia declared itself the successor of the Russian Empire and returned to autocracy.

The tycoon also played a role in the annexation of Crimea: a few weeks before surgery Malofeev went to Sevastopol. In his words, he conveyed an offer «Prime Minister» of Crimea Sergey Aksenov in the Kremlin. Meanwhile, his PR Advisor was the head of government in Donetsk (Alexander Boroday. — Ed). In addition, in 2015 Malofeyev has established a new right TV channel «Tsargrad TV».

Malofeyev, as the author adds, does not hide its objectives regarding the EU. In his words, «the mission of Moscow lies in the liberation of Europe from totalitarianism, from the so-called liberalism, tolerance and freedom».

Business partners of Russia owned by a Belgian investor Pierre Lurie, a fan of the leader of the Russian irregular forces strelkov (Russian fighter Igor Girkin. — Ed.). Under the overall photo «in memory» with Hircinum Lurie described him as a «hero of our time».

In Austria Malofeyev well entrenched. In July 2014, his ideologist Dugin and of like-minded people invited in the noble Palace of Liechtenstein. Special guest of the evening was the man considered to be the «great hope» of the European right-wing populists, along with Le Pen — Heinz-Christian strache.

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