Deputy Ministry of justice has offered to accept refugees for bezveza with the EU

Instead of resent the EU because of the postponement of the decision regarding the visa-free regime for Ukraine, it is necessary to look, how to become need Europe. About this on his page in Facebook wrote the Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine Sergei Petukhov.

«Now a lot of people resent the EU because they postpone its decision on bezveze for Ukraine due to internal discussions of procedure. Of course, we have every right to feel cheated, after all, have become hostages of the migration crisis and the factor of the elections that are coming next year in the main EU countries (Germany, France, the Netherlands). However, like me, instead of offense, it is necessary to look, how they become essential and necessary,» wrote cocks.

«It’s no secret that the decision on Ukraine is largely influenced by the Syrian migration crisis. It fearing a negative reaction of voters to migrants, European leaders are in no hurry to give bezviz Ukraine. But if that’s our biggest problem, then it may be the solution!», — he is convinced.

The Deputy Minister said: «I would suggest the EU to take voluntary quota for the resettlement of migrants. I think our country could fully take the quota, for example, the Netherlands… It would be an important expression of solidarity with Europe in solving the problem. Of course, we would require additional funding from the EU or individual countries, but it would be much less money than would be spent on their maintenance in the EU», — said Petukhov.

As reported, on 20 April the European Commission invited the European Parliament and the EU Council to abolish visas for citizens of Ukraine. This proposal is a consequence of the positive evaluation provided by the European Commission in December last year. In it particular, it provides confirmation that Ukraine has fulfilled all the criteria in the framework of the action plan on visa liberalization.

On 17 November the European Union at the level of the Committee of permanent representatives of member countries of the EU (COREPER) endorsed the position of the EU Council reinstitution negotiations on visa-free regime for Ukraine, agreeing with the European Commission’s proposal to provide such a regime.

The final decision must be approved by the European Parliament and the EU Council after conducting reinstituting negotiations.

It was expected that Ukraine will receive the decision on the abolition of visas before the summit Ukraine-EU on November 24.

At the same time, the EU said that the visa-free regime between the EU and Ukraine is possible after the approval in the European Union the mechanism of its suspension.

However, on 24 November at a press conference during the summit Ukraine-EU European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that he considers it possible to make a decision on the introduction of the EU visa regime for Ukraine until the end of the year.

He also drew attention to the fact that, obviously, the EU Council and the European Parliament must reach agreement regarding the specific ways and means for the introduction of a mechanism for the suspension of the visa regime with third countries.

European Parliament President Martin Schulz prior to the summit Ukraine-the EU said that the visa-free regime for Ukraine depends on the ability of countries — EU members to agree on a mechanism for temporary suspension of Schengen and third countries.

President Petro Poroshenko said that Ukraine will receive a visa-free regime after the settlement of disagreements in the EU institutions.

Deputy Ministry of justice has offered to accept refugees for bezveza with the EU 29.11.2016

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