Deputy Finance Minister Marchenko on lotteries: in fact, we have an uncontrolled market

In Ukraine the state does not control the lottery market, said in an interview with «Apostrophe» Deputy Finance Minister of Ukraine Serhiy Marchenko, the competence of which the development and organization of state lotteries.

«The situation is very complicated. In fact, we have an uncontrolled market, I call it that», he said.

The Deputy Minister also stressed that to solve the problem with the underground gambling market the Ministry of Finance are insufficient credentials.

«I want you to clearly understand: there is a certain social problem, the solution of which is not sufficient powers of the Ministry of Finance. The problem is that we have a de facto illegal gambling market, which is de jure illegal and semi-legal lottery market», – said Marchenko.

He explained that the Ministry has drafted a bill to solve this problem, but it is not supported by the Parliament.

«We are talking about the government draft law of Ukraine «On legalization of gambling market and ensuring the budget revenues with the aim of fulfilling social obligations», which provides a comprehensive solution to the problem in the field of gambling, including lotteries. This is a key bill, but he and a number of alternative parliamentary bills on the regulation of gambling and lotteries is not considered by the Verkhovna Rada shall not be considered by committees, not specifically created by the working group on review of submitted bills on the legislative regulation of the gambling market and the development of a unified concept of functioning of the market. That is, until this bill, no one cares,» – said the Deputy Minister.

A government bill on this subject, the text of which is published on the website of the Verkhovna Rada, has been criticized by the Main scientific-expert administration including because of the risks of monopolization of the issue of lotteries.

November 15, public movement «National resistance» held by the Parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers action «Stop «M. S. L.», demanding to ban the activity of Russian operators latora, reported «Ukrainian news».

Lotteries in Ukraine today have the right to four statements: «M. S. L.», «Patriot», UNL, and the state «Oschadbank», but the latter of the receipt of the license by lotteries were not engaged.

Deputy Finance Minister Marchenko on lotteries: in fact, we have an uncontrolled market 17.11.2017

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