Deputy assistant Secretary Sullivan about «linguistic law»: Our advice is to Ukraine to cooperate with its neighbors

Ukraine should cooperate with neighbouring countries in implementing the «language» article law «On education», said during a speech at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine on 21 February, the Deputy state Secretary of the USA John Sullivan, UNIAN reports.

«I know that the education act, has caused some concern for Ukraine’s neighbors in terms of requirements on the language. We support the reform of education in Ukraine and, in particular, we support the reform proper language training. Language is a very sensitive issue worldwide, whether we are talking about Quebec in Canada, which uses French, speak French, or we are talking about Ireland… where in Northern Ireland the native language is Gaelic,» said Sullivan.

He noted that the United States understands the necessity of educational reform in Ukraine, the language is a hot political topic.

«Our advice is to Ukraine to cooperate with its neighbours in the implementation of this educational reform, and embodies it in a way that will not infringe upon the rights of citizens in Ukraine, which in addition to the Ukrainian language is not spoken,» added U.S. Undersecretary of state.

After the adoption on 5 September of 2017 on second reading and in General, Ukrainian law «About education», which expanded the use of the Ukrainian language in education, Hungary and several other countries expressed concern about the future of national minorities in Ukraine.

The document was sent for examination to the Venice Commission, which formulated the conclusions of 8 December. Kiev has offered to amend the 7th article of non-discrimination training non-state languages that are not official in the European Union. Including it was about teaching in a secondary school in Russian.

The Commission does not insist on amending article of the law, but recommends that Ukraine take measures to prevent discrimination of minority languages.

The European Union said that Kiev should take into account recommendations of the Venice Commission on the law «On education».

14 December, the Minister of education of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych noted that Ukraine will continue to look for the right model of training for representatives of national minorities.

The education Ministry announced on 1 February that it agreed to postpone the implementation of the language article of the law «On education» until 2023. On 14 February the Cabinet sent to the Verkhovna Rada a bill.

Deputy assistant Secretary Sullivan about «linguistic law»: Our advice is to Ukraine to cooperate with its neighbors 22.02.2018

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