Dementa buried on Jewish graveyard of the city. Attended Kernes and Dobkin

Ended with a memorial service at the funeral Kharkiv businessman Yuri Dement, known as the «right hand and brain» of the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes. On Monday, February 29, 2016, reports «UKRINFORM».

Dementa buried in the cemetery No. 3 on the street of Academician Pavlova, known as Judah. At least 300 people came to say goodbye to the deceased, in particular, Kernes in a wheelchair, accompanied by security, and people’s deputies of Ukraine Mikhail Dobkin and Dmitry Trukhanov with the Opposition bloc, Dmytro Svyatash from the «Vidrodzhennya» and others.

Chief Rabbi of Kharkov region, Kharkov, rector of the synagogue Rabbi Moshe Moskovich read the funeral prayer. The Rebbe said that the funeral prayer will be read by the deceased in the course of one year.

The ritual lowering of the coffin into the grave next to the grave of the mother of the deceased was held only in the presence of loved ones.

As reported, the 52-year-old Kharkiv businessman dementiy was shot from the automatic weapon on February 26 around 9 a.m. at the Jewish cemetery No. 3, where he arrived on his mother’s grave.

Criminal case under article «Premeditated murder».

Dement was a non-public person. As a businessman and owner of companies he does not appear in the state register of legal entities. «However, in narrow circles he is known as the owner of a jewelry factory, a network of jewelry stores and a network of laundries. He is also credited with supervising the financial flows of the local utility companies, and up to 70», —
said last week, one of the deputies of Kharkiv city Council, who wished not to give his name.

Dementa buried on Jewish graveyard of the city. Attended Kernes and Dobkin 29.02.2016

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