Dekanoidze sees Kivu officer new police

The head of the National police khatia Dekanoidze does not consider that the current head of the Department of combating narcotics related crimes Ilya Kiva can remain on the job.

She declared it in interview to «the Ukrainian truth».

However, she stressed that the final assessment of the Kiva must give review and, if necessary, the Department of homeland security.

«I said, re-certification is not yet over. But my personal opinion – I don’t see Kivu police officer with our police,» she said.

Dekanoidze also stated that the current certification is about to end, but it is not the last but merely the first stage of purification of the human resource of the police.

«This is the first stage of purification. So I’m here to gradually to ensure that the functionality, structure and the people who work in our team, were adequate and decent,» she said.

Recall, Kiva repeatedly made the scandalous statements and actions. In particular, he raided a nightclub Closer, stating that there were discovered drugs. Later Kiva said that the court has closed the club for three months. In addition, in response to whether he was ready to take a polygraph, the officer inquired whether the polygraph «pass it on».

He also made punishment of the suspects out of court.

Kiva itself has still not passed a re-certification in the new police force.

Recently the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov was awarded Kivu gun «for special merits in the protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of man and citizen, for exemplary performance of service and civic duty, their honor and valor».

Dekanoidze sees Kivu officer new police 17.02.2016

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