Defense Ministry: Ukrainian military put the body armor 4 protection class

Armor plates and vests, which are supplied to the army, consistent with the stated 4-th level of protection.

This conclusion of the Commission of inquiry announced at a government meeting on Wednesday, Deputy defense Minister Ivan Rusnak, who announced the findings of the examination, reports «Ukrainian truth».

«Were fired by an armored plate, which was provided by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, as well as armor plates that are on the warehouses of the Ministry of defense and in the troops,» — said Rusnak.

«The shooting was carried out in accordance with defined requirements using bullets of 5.45 mm, 7.62 mm», — said the Deputy Minister.

According to Rusnak, armor plate can withstand all the bullets except the cartridge caliber «7.62 mm armor-piercing».

«Unfortunately, such bullets not only penetrate body armor, and light armored targets. The results of the tests prepared by the act of the Commission, which confirms that the armor plates and bullet-proof vests, supplied the army, correspond to the 4th class of protection,» he said.

Rusnak pointed out that the enterprise «Temp-3000», which produces the armor type «Corsair», is already technologically worked the plate in the 5th, the 6th level of protection.

«They’re heavier, such vests will be supplied in special units that are direct contact battle with the enemy. For bulk supplies to the troops they are not yet recommended,» said the Deputy Minister.

«Thus, information is announced at the meeting of Parliament is untrue,» added Rusnak.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has ordered to send the examination results to the Verkhovna Rada faction of the «Batkivschyna» and personally to Sergey Sobolev.

As reported, February 19, in the Verkhovna Rada Sobolev showed parliamentarians and representatives of the government shot the plate from his vest, which he conveyed from the zone ATO.

«This is the sixth plate (the sixth level of protection, — an edition), which was shot in the area of ATO and was shot by an ordinary bullet» — said Sobolev.

Defense Ministry: Ukrainian military put the body armor 4 protection class 24.02.2016

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