Debaltseve has been the cornerstone of our army, said the film’s Director. Poroshenko visited the premiere

President Petro Poroshenko visited the premiere of the documentary «debaltseve», dedicated to the tragic events of a year ago, and talked with the audience and the authors of the tape.

The head of state noted that Debaltseve operation will go down in history of Ukraine and books art of war, passed in a press-service of the President.

The Director of the documentary «debaltseve», a direct participant in the events Evgeny Stepanenko told about the conception of the picture: «Our task was to show those events honestly. And it was hard. It was difficult to remove, it was easier to fight there. A year ago, when our President in Artemivsk said that we had won, we in our military hospital looked at it and didn’t understand. A year has passed, and I realize that it really was a victory. I understand that debaltseve was thus a cornerstone of our Ukrainian army and our modern Ukrainian state. We have shown that we can, and know how to fight. And it was so important and in Minsk, and it is important for us to keep the enemy there, in debaltseve, and to leave with dignity».

«It is important now to make such movies so that the whole country saw extremely important heroic act, when the operation was conducted, which went down in history as Debaltseve», – said Poroshenko.

He noted that this was a unique operation of our Armed Forces, many of which became clear later, after a few months.

«Nobody understands, how important was the presence of Ukrainian troops in debaltseve during the Minsk negotiations, how important it was to show the whole world the criminal nature of the Russian aggressor. Because they were not separatists – fighters, selected parts of the Russian special forces stormed debaltseve. And the enemy had paid a very high price,» he said.

«We will remember everyone who was defending every checkpoint. Everyone who gave his life for Ukraine was free, we should constantly remember,» said Poroshenko, stressing that the military operation under Debaltsevo must forever remain in our history and in the heart of each of us.

«I can’t believe a year has passed. We already live in a totally different context. The army is different. Fighting capacity is higher. And training, and support. And only the morale of Ukrainian soldiers is the same, Debaltsevo. Thank you for that,» said the head of state to the soldiers present at the screening of the film.

Recall that a detailed analytical report of the General staff of the armed forces on military operations on the Debaltsevsky base was published on 2 weeks ago.

Debaltseve has been the cornerstone of our army, said the film’s Director. Poroshenko visited the premiere 18.02.2016

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