«Deadly BMW»: protection patrol against the transfer of the case to the court

Protection patrol officer Sergey Oleynik, a suspect in the murder of 17-year-old during the pursuit, refused to stop BMW car in the night of 7 February in Kiev, and opposes the transfer of his case to the court.

It on a press-conferences on Thursday, November 24, said his lawyer Rostislav Farts, transfer «Ukrainian news».

«The case is raw and unfinished,» said he.

According to the lawyer, the picture of the bullets withdrawn from the body of the murdered teenager, is visually different to the results of examinations.

In this connection the lawyer intends to apply for re-examination.

In addition, the protection patrol dissatisfied with the work of the Prosecutor insists on continuing the investigation of these criminal proceedings.

The defense insisted that the patrol had not committed premeditated murder, and were in the car the teenager was lost as a result of ricochet.

We will remind, on the night of February 7, 2016 patrol police in Kiev used the weapon during the pursuit of the BMW, the passengers got into the car with alcohol and did not respond to calls to stop.

The result has been wounded 17-the summer passenger Michael Medvedev, who later died from his wounds.

A police inspector Serhiy Oliynyk, who used arms to arrest the offending car in Kiev, said that he was in a passenger accident.

Prosecutors said Oliynyk on suspicion in murder of the passenger of the BMW. Oliynyk was taken into custody. Later, the court released him under round-the-clock house arrest.

The main culprit of the death of the teenager, the Prosecutor’s office believes the driver of the BMW car, which was in a state of narcotic intoxication, stopped the car in response to the request of the police and tried to escape at high speed and with numerous traffic violations, thus endangering other road users.

November 8, the Kyiv Prosecutor’s office announced the completion of the investigation in criminal proceedings on Patrignano police Serhiy Oliynyk.

«Deadly BMW»: protection patrol against the transfer of the case to the court 24.11.2016

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