Danyluk: urgent need for IMF money anymore

Finance Minister Alexander danyluk said that in the moment of urgent need in International monetary Fund money not. He told about it in the comments of the «Economic truth».

«All is lost» will not» — said the Minister, answering the question of what consequences await Ukraine if the IMF will allocate a tranche this year.

«The IMF tranches are not in the budget and in reserves of the NBU. The following is not an exception. Even if we don’t get it this year, we will not need to find money for its replacement, as in the case of failure to receive macrofinancial assistance from the EU or nedopoluchit revenues from privatization», — he said.

According to danyluk, the receipt or non-receipt of the tranche does not affect the implementation of the commitments within budget.

«Tranche of the IMF is primarily a signal that the program continues. It is important for external investors and other international organizations. Recently, Fitch Ratings upgraded long-term rating of Ukraine to b-, which will allow the government and national companies to borrow on foreign markets at lower rates», — said the Minister.

«This became possible, including thanks to the reforms we are doing with the support of the IMF. It is important to continue the reforms not only in the framework of the program with the IMF», — concluded danyluk.

Danyluk added that the next tranche of the International monetary Fund to the end of the year Ukraine must take four key bill.

According to him, currently there are four key bills that need to be taken.

«First, the pension reform, which aims to balance system, not only in the moment, but in the medium to long term given the demographic changes,» — said the Minister.

Also, according to him, it is necessary to adopt a law on the choice of the model of the land market, which should define relations in agrocentre and stimulate the economy.

«In addition, the reduction of the list of enterprises not subject to privatization. This law needs to attract investment and better management in the different sectors of the economy, which in turn will lead to growth,» said danyluk.

«And the reform of state-owned banks, which among other things involves the establishment of an independent Supervisory boards that will help to make the management of state-owned banks more transparent and efficient,» concluded the Minister.

Recall that in the statement of the International monetary Fund on the results of its work in Kyiv stated that Ukraine needs additional time to complete the current phase of the eff.

September 14 the international monetary Fund completed the second review of the four-year program of cooperation with our country, approved in March 2015, and decided to allocate to Kiev, the third credit tranche with a volume of $ 1 billion. Thus, the total amount already allocated funding amount of 7.62 billion dollars, with a total lending volume of 17.5 billion dollars.

September 16, Ukraine has received the third tranche of funds.

On 21 September, Parliament heard Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman with the presentation of state budget in 2017 and adopted the draft for consideration.

As reported earlier in the media appeared information that the IMF demands from Ukraine pension reform to receive the next tranche.

Among the requirements is called a gradual change of the retirement age, establishing one pension scheme without providing benefits for any of the professions (except the military), expansion of the basis for contributions to the social security system, the establishment of a fair tax regime for pensions.

However, Fund spokesman Gerry rice during a press briefing in Washington on 27 October confirmed the continuing ability of Ukraine to the end of the year, the fourth tranche.

At the same time, NBU head Valeriya Gontareva has called a high risk of non-receipt of money before the end of the year in connection with the inhibition of reforms in Parliament. She also stressed that the lack of the necessary decisions can endanger and barely achieved economic and financial stability.

Danyluk: urgent need for IMF money anymore 21.11.2016

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