Danyluk said, when the Service of financial investigations

The financial investigations service should appear in Ukraine no later than 2017. About it in interview to «Focus» said the Finance Minister Oleksandr danylyuk.

«To eliminate the tax police and creation of the financial investigation Service will need to adopt a special law. I wanted to complement new service this year, but most likely, it will happen in 2017″, — he said.

According to danyluk, the most important issue when creating a new service is question of personnel.

«Someone from among the tax police will probably remain, but the backbone will consist of brand new faces that will take on a transparent competition», — said the Minister.

«And it’s not 1500 people that are currently working in several organs in the field of combating financial crimes, and 2500. And most importantly, it is not a power, but primarily analytical», — he stressed.

Recall that in late may, danyluk confirmed the plans of the Ministry of Finance to eliminate the tax police.

Instead, it must create a financial investigation Service that combines the functions of the SBU, the tax police and prosecutors to investigate all economic crimes against the state.

Danyluk said, when the Service of financial investigations 24.11.2016

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